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Real-Time Curriculum Progress

Parents get up-to-date information shared by our teachers after every lesson on our MWNS Portal. Teachers use the Australian Curriculum set by NESA to benchmark each student and use the information to plan future lessons.

Personalised Lessons

At MWNS, we focus on the specific areas and concepts our students are currently studying in class. This allows us to maintain the integrity of each student’s learning and understanding whilst allowing us to teach at a pace that suits them.

Qualified Teachers & Experienced Tutors

Our team consists of Qualified Primary and Secondary Teachers as well as Experienced Tutors who are passionate about their subject area. All the teachers at MWNS are working with the Australian Curriculum.

Individual Lessons & Micro Groups

MWNS offers our students both Individual Lessons (1 teacher to 1 student) as well as Micro Groups (1 to 3 students) which allows us to focus on the specific needs of each individual student regardless of which lesson structure they attend.

Specialised Holiday Courses

We support our students with specific courses throughout the year and during the term breaks.  NAPLAN, Selective School, Yr11 & Yr12 Revision Courses as well as Exam Preparation techniques.

No Lock-in Contracts

Parents can choose to enrol for a single lesson, a term placement or if they prefer they can select an ongoing enrolment that secures their regular day and time for the entire school year.

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Why we are different

Along with using qualified teachers and experienced tutors in our personalised Individual & Micro Group lessons, parents receive real-time academic progress and detailed evaluations in the palm of their hand. Our MWNS Portal lets you manage all aspects of your enrolment from checking your child’s attendance, rescheduling upcoming lessons or easily paying your tuition fees online.

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See inside our centres

Our centres are equipped with an extensive range of teaching resources that allow us to tailor the learning of each student according to their specific needs.

Teacher engaging with student during micro-group at MWNS
Inside the MWNS Rosebery centre looking down the hallway
Margarita sitting at reception in the foyer of MWNS Caringbah centre
Colourful and exciting tutoring classrooms within the MWNS centres

Our Specialised Courses

We understand our students may need additional support at specific times throughout the school year, so we also offer specialised courses to help our students perform at their very best in upcoming assessments and exams.

NAPLAN - Term 1 Holidays

We offer our students a 3 day NAPLAN Revision Course that allows them to understand the types of questions they will be asked.

Year 11 Revision Course

Our 4 day comprehensive revision course covers the entire Year 11 Preliminary syllabus across all levels of Maths.

Year 12 Revision Course

In addition to our Year 11 Revision Course, we also offer a 4 day all inclusive revision course of the Year 12 HSC syllabus for all levels of Maths.

Essay Writing

Students are taught how to construct a perfect essay through skills and techniques that may be applied throughout all subjects.

HSC Preparation

Students sit past HSC papers under exam conditions only weeks before their exam, where they are mentored and guided by our teachers on techniques, maximising marks as well as time management.

To complement our specialised courses, we also work closely with our students during their weekly lessons to prepare them for any external exams. We have extensive experience and resources to support NAPLAN, Selective School Entrance Exams, Opportunity Class Assessments, the PAT Test as well as the HSC, just to name a few.

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Primary student using calculator during tutoring lesson at MWNS

Free End of Year Assessment

Our Assessments, valued at $89, are designed to help identify your child’s areas of strength and areas that need focus.

Our Curriculum Coordinator will provide you with a detailed report to help you decide if your child has gaps in their learning and if they would benefit from Maths and/or English tuition.

If you choose to enrol, these detailed reports will be given to your child’s tutor to help our teachers hit the ground running.

Our Principal & Founder

My main goal at MWNS, is for each student to receive the very best education. With the help of my team, we aim to teach students new concepts and encourage our students to achieve their personal best. Once there, we search to find if there is just a little bit more we can achieve.

Sia Goutzas, founder

Previously had a home tutor for Fraser, which got too crowded at home. Now I love the convenience of leaving the kids whilst I grab some groceries or if I’m lucky, a yoga class.


Mum, Caringbah Centre

The MWNS App allows me to see what Stephanie has learnt during her lessons at MWNS. Stephanie does not give me much information so it’s nice to log in and see what she has learning and how well she is progressing.


Dad, Waverley Centre

I really like that I can ask my teacher at MWNS the questions I couldn’t ask at school. I’m taught at my pace allowing me to better understating the current topics I’m studying at school.


Student, Brookvale Centre

So thrilled I found MWNS. It’s local and convenient for me to take my three kids. The centre is such a warm, friendly and welcoming environment that they just can’t get enough of. Thank you for making this part of parenting so easy.


Mum, Rosebery Centre

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