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Our unique advantage

Our MWNS Portal

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All MWNS parents receive a notification after every lesson their child completes with us. There, parents can view what progress their child made during the lesson, what material we worked on, the level of understanding from their child and what areas we still need to continue working on. We’ve created seamless tuition from week to week and gives our parents an unparalleled view into our lessons.

Manage every aspect of your tuition with us

The MWNS Portal allows you to do more than follow your child’s academic progress. You can allocate additional or reschedule lessons, view our Curriculum Tracker, organise and pay upcoming invoices as well as keep track of your Automatic Payment Schedule. Wow.

View Our Real-Time Academic Progress

Once our teachers have completed a lesson and submitted their evalautions, this information is easily available to our parents to view through a table of what has been achieved, what we are still working towards as well as the areas we have not assessed as yet. Our teachers are able to record the progress of each student made in each lesson quickly and effortlessly on our exclusive MWNS portal. The Curriculum Summary is supported with a detailed evaluation to give parents a personalised report of the lesson.

Our proprietary system was built by us, in 2018, to ensure seamless tuition from week to week and feedback to parents, which you are all entitled to.

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