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It’s official. The education ministers across Australia have announced that all schools will transition from the existing paper-based NAPLAN to NAPLAN online by 2021. With a goal to make the assessment both more accurate as well as engaging for students, NAPLAN Online will tailor the questions based on each individual student’s needs.

What is NAPLAN?

The National Assessment Program – Literary and Numeracy or simply NAPLAN, assesses the fundamental literary and numeracy skills our children require to progress and excel throughout their education. It provides schools, teachers, parents and students with a benchmark for performance and highlights strengths as well as areas for improvement. NAPLAN provides our MWNS teachers with an indication of a student’s performance and our lesson can be tailored to excel a student where he/she feels confident as well as provide guidance where needed.

When is NAPLAN?

NAPLAN for 2021 will begin on Tuesday 11th May and conclude on Friday 21nd May. The first exam will be Writing, followed by Reading, before Conventions of Language and finally Numeracy. Each exam will be roughly 40 minutes for Year 3 and 5 students and closer to an hour for High School students.

Participation: Special Provisions

All students in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 are expected to participate in NAPLAN, however, some students with a disability or have just arrived into Australia and are not comfortable with the English language may qualify for special provisions. To gain a further understanding of these adjustments, begin by speaking to your child’s classroom teacher to gain their insights into these provisions.

What if my child is sick on a day of NAPLAN?

It is suggested that you notify the school of your child’s absence as soon as possible and some schools will arrange a separate examination day and time for your child to sit the paper. However, it is critical to note that the NAPLAN Online examinations will be closed after Friday 22nd May, as the test period will be over, and this is the final date any exams can take place.

What is the best way to prepare?

There are countless NAPLAN papers that can be completed in preparation for the exam. They demonstrate the different types of multiple-choice questions and the number of questions that must be completed within the respective time frame. MWNS offers a three-day intensive NAPLAN Holiday Course which explains exam strategies and techniques, provides practice papers under exam conditions as well as qualified teachers and experienced tutors guiding the small group of students through the test.

The NAPLAN exam is a national benchmark that provides a great insight into a child’s performance against students across the country. It allows students to practice dealing with the nerves of exams, working under exam conditions and trialling a range of study and exam techniques to understand which methods help them perform best.

If you are interested in the MWNS NAPLAN Holiday Course, there are limited spots and they are filling already! Call now to secure your spot.