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MWNS Online Tutoring Quick Help Guide




Once you click “Join Lesson” the screen on the left appears with the word Launching. At this point, a decision is required to either “click here” to join through the browser or to download and run zoom. At which point the option to download and run the lesson will commence.

Not using the Zoom App

You don’t need to download the ZOOM app to access MWNS Online tutoring. Please click “cancel” and you will have the option of joining the lesson through the “start from your browser”. If you don’t see “start from your browser” press on “click here” and wait a few seconds. 

Using the Zoom App

You still need to “Join Lesson” from the MWNS Online Portal.

The ZOOM app does make it easier to Join Lessons so we recommend if you will be using MWNS Online regularly to “Download & Run Zoom”.  Please do this before your scheduled lesson. Once downloaded you will be able to select “Allow” when the prompt appears once you click “Join Lesson” from the MWNS online portal. 

I can’t see my Teacher?

Lessons are scheduled every hour

If you are not able to see your teacher or it is telling you your host is in another meeting it may be because your teacher is currently in her previous lesson. Please give it a couple of minutes and your Teacher should appear soon

Audio /Video Problems?

I can't share my camera / audio

You have control of your camera and audio and when you would like to share it. You will find the controls on the bottom left corner. if you see are line across your camera click on the camera to remove and active your camera.




More Help

Zoom have lots more videos that help navigate the app.

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