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Immediate ACCESS to Curriculum Progress reports

All our lessons are based on the Australian Curriculum set out by NESA. This is the initial step to help us analyse the academic level of your child. The added benefit for our parents, students and teachers is this creates a seamless teaching plan from week to week.

After every lesson, our teachers complete a detailed evaluation which captures what your child has learnt, what they need to revise and what they need to work towards. If progress was made against the curriculum during the lesson, this is also captured in the lesson evaluation and reflected in the curriculum summary. All this is sent instantaneously to our parents in a notification. The curriculum summary is a quick visual representation of what each student has demonstrated whilst in our lessons and is always available to our parents in the Portal / APP.

Teach & Evaluate

Teaching the right topics is just as important as evaluating where we can help our students achieve their personal best.

Analysing Data

Analysing data ensures we are providing the best possible outcome for each lesson. It lets us keep track of all our students’ improvements from one lesson to another.


It is important to us that you know how your child is progressing with us at MWNS. This information can also be shared with your school to support your childs’ learning.

The Academic Progress helps us analyse real-time data from our teachers every time a lesson is completed. This data is particularly important as we use this to create personalised lessons for every student who is experiencing difficulty with specific topic areas.

Why we are different

Our MWNS portal/APP lets you manage all aspects of your enrolment from checking your child’s attendance, rescheduling upcoming lessons or easily paying your tuition fees online.

our APP

All this important information is available in your pocket!

WANT to know More?

We are also available to discuss any questions you have between 10am8pm Monday to Friday on 02 8339 4775 so feel free to call.

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