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Specialised Tutoring

that Builds Confidence

If your child is sitting for the Opportunity Class exam in July or preparing for a Scholarship Exam at any school, we can help them prepare.

Individual Lessons & Micro Groups

We offer both Individual Lessons and Micro Groups (max 3 students) allowing us to focus on the specific needs of each child.

Specialised Holiday Courses

We support our students with specialised courses throughout the school year as well as during the term breaks. 

Real-Time Curriculum Progress

The MWNS Portal allows our parents to view real-time curriculum updates completed after every lesson their child attends.

How Our Classes work

Our personalised lessons are designed to focus on the specific needs of each student. Each of our centres has an extensive range of resources to help prepare our students for the specific exam they are working towards. Our teachers are able to benchmark these achievements on our MWNS portal to create seamless teaching programs from week to week. Parents have real-time access to their child’s progress and quick visual representation of the areas we are working on


We offer qualified teachers and experienced tutors who are experts within their subject areas. Our lessons are not mass produced. All our lessons are individually tailored. Safe friendly environment. No lock-in contracts.


Our MWNS App helps you manage all aspects of your enrolment:

  • View Detailed Student Evaluations
  • See Real-Time Curriculum Summary
  • Reschedule Upcoming Lessons
  • Message Our Team
  • Access Up to Date Account Information
  • Read Our Latest News & Courses

Unique to Maths Words not Squiggles

Free Diagnostic Assessment

Our Diagnostic Assessments are designed to help identify areas of strength and areas that need focus. Our Curriculum Coordinator provides parents a detailed report that helps them decide if their child needs tutoring. MWNS also use the report to help our teachers hit the ground running if the student decides to enrol.

WANT to find out more about our SPecialised Tutoring?

We are available to discuss any questions you have between 10am – 8pm Monday to Friday, so feel free to call us on 8339 4775.

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