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How time flies?Each day we run around doing what needs to be done and then before we know it, the week is over. Sitting here knowing that not only has another term come to an end but more importantly, our Year 12 students have officially finished school. That’s thirteen years done and dusted. And with less than a month to go till the final HSC exams, I’m sure our students are also asking “Where did the years go?”. Well, I can tell them. They have gone to great friendships, unforgettable memories and above all, the beginning of the next amazing adventure in their lives.The last week of school is one they will cherish and will never forget. It’s the end of an era but more importantly, it’s the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. As a parent who will also be accompanying her own daughter into the unknown, I can say I’m thrilled and excited with what the last thirteen years has given her and I can’t wait to see what comes next.To each and every one of our Year 12 students and their parents, I wish you all the very best.Please keep in touch and let us know how our students have gone in their HSC results and more importantly what they are planning on doing moving forward.Yours sincerely, Sia Goutzas 
Yr 11 & Yr 12 Maths Revision CourseJoin us for a 4-day Mathematics Revision Course during the Term 3 School Holidays.Each Revision Course runs for 4 consecutive days:• General Mathematics | 9am-12pm | $540 • Advanced Mathematics | 1pm-4pm | $540 • Extension 1 Mathematics | 4pm-6pm | $460Students are required to attend the Revision Course on all days at the specified course time. No refunds or credits will be issued for missed lessons.Keen to join us? Send us an email: admin@mwns.com.au 
How to best support your child during the HSCChecklist on how to best support your child during the HSC:
  • Always stay informed about your child’s progress by talking to their teacher
  • Aim to build a support network of family, friends and teachers who are able to give advice and guidance
  • Have an open conversation with them. It’s important to talk to your child and check up on how they are feeling, especially during this stressful time in their life
  • Try to avoid stressful situations from happening around them
  • Set the rules around what you expect from them when it comes to balancing study time and free time
  • Be realistic about what your child can achieve
  • Celebrate the small and big winners. Every step forward counts towards their progress.
  • Provide as much love and support as you can!
End of year School Reports – Tell us more about your child’s learning progress!        Your child’s school report is an important piece of document for our teachers to see. This will inform our teachers on what areas they need to focus on at every lesson. We personalise all our lessons to help your child improve in the areas where it’s needed and consistently evaluate their progress alongside the Australian Curriculum in our very own Curriculum Outcomes Module. So we highly encourage you to bring along your child’s report at their next lesson and have a chat to our teachers. 
Brookvale’s Brand New Look! Our Learning Centre at Brookvale has a new look! We have put in brand new couches, chairs and desks for all our students to use for study before and after their lesson. We hope all our parents and students at Brookvale enjoy this new space just as much as we had fun putting it together. 
Our New Teachers
We would like to give a warm welcome to our new teachers who have joined the MWNS team:
  • Amy: Primary, Waverley
Congratulations Corine!Congratulations to one of our senior students, Corine Hanna who has been elected to be Vice-Captain for 2019 at her school, Brigidine College Randwick. We wish you all the best in your new role this coming new year!Good luck Year 12’s for the HSC!It’s just under one month till the final HSC exams. We wish all of our 48 Year 12 students the best when they sit for their HSC exams in Term 4 and we hope you make the most of these last few weeks of study time.We have no doubt you will all do well! 
School Holidays / Monday 1st – Sunday 14th October 2018 All MWNS centres will be closed during these School Holidays. All lessons will resume as normal from Monday 15th October 2018. Enjoy the spring break!Yr11 Preliminary Mathematics Revision Course / Tuesday 2nd – Friday 5th October 2018 During the Term 3 school holidays we will be running an intense revision course for all levels of Mathematics. As the Preliminary Course will also be examined in the HSC Exam, we invite all our Year 11 & Year 12 students to attend this essential course.Yr12 HSC Mathematics Revision Course / Tuesday 9th – Friday 12th October 2018 Also during the Term 3 school holidays, just after the completion of the Preliminary Course, our Year 12 students are invited to join the HSC Revision Course where the intensity is turned up a notch. By the end of these courses, our students are ready to tackle the HSC head on.