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MWNS Online Tuition 

How it works?



MWNS Student Portal Log In

Students simply log into the MWNS Student Portal using their unique username & password. Students will eventually be able to view our MWNS Resources, their own progress through our Curriculum Outcomes as well as being able to upload any work they would like assistance with from their teacher at MWNS.

Join Lesson

Students' 1-click to Join Lesson

Once logged in to the MWNS Student Portal, students will need to simply click “Join Lesson”. Students will need access to an internet connection and a computer with audio and video capabilities.

Using the Browser

No Special Software Required

No special software is required as the lessons can run in a web browser. We recommend Google Chrome and have provided a link below if you would like to install it. There is also an App that can make it easier for recurring and ongoing use.

Using the Zoom App

Important Tip – You will still need to “Join Lesson” from the MWNS Online Portal.

The ZOOM app does make it easier to Join Lessons so we do recommend if you will be using MWNS Online regularly to “Download & Run Zoom”.  Please do this before your scheduled lesson. Once downloaded you will be able to select “Allow” when the prompt appears after clicking “Join Lesson” from the MWNS online portal. 

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