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Five Good Reasons To Choose Us

1 / Our lessons are not mass-produced

The way we teach one student will not be the same for the next. It’s all individually tailored. However, the end result is the same – the very best education for your child.

2 / We offer you qualified teachers who are experts within their subject areas

Each one of our teachers has been specifically selected for their love of their subject, their ability to explain this material to another individual and most importantly, for their desire to empower the next generation.

3 / We have all the resources our students need

Having all the resources our students need on hand eliminates any disruption to the learning process. We offer our students a variety of different texts from countless authors, publishers and schools to allow our students to experience as many different types of questions as they possibly can.

4 / Approachable and open teaching style

Our teaching environment and style allows our students to become more comfortable with their topics. We give them the confidence to solve and answer even the most difficult questions independently as we teach them the ‘why’, ‘how’ and not just the ‘what’.

5 / MWNS App

MWNS App is your main access point to view all MWNS updates and messages, your child’s upcoming scheduled lessons and their written student evaluations, plus more.