TUTORING with a difference

MWNS was established with our students in mind

All our centres provide an engaging learning environment where our students are able to learn, focus on the task at hand and have the freedom to ask questions. We highly encourage our students to question theories and proofs, not just accept them.

Our learning spaces are individual rooms, so our students remain focused throughout their lesson. As an additional benefit, all our centres offer a library area for students to use before and after their lessons if they want to complete any additional work. We value the safety of all our students, so all our centres are constantly monitored via our security cameras, giving parents, teachers and students the confidence to learn in a safe environment.

MOre reasons to trust us with your child’s Tuition

Extensive Resources across all our Centres

Teachers and students have access to an extensive range of resources to support how their individualised learning style.

Safe & Friendly Learning Environment

Our learning spaces are all fitted with safety cameras and first aid equipment so we can all safe and secured. 

Over 20 years Experience

Sia has been tutoring for over 20 years and tutored 1000’s of students to achieve their best. Sia has hand picked her dedicated teachers to deliver the same passion in all their lessons.

Qualified Teachers & Experienced Tutors

Primary Qualified Teachers for K-6 and High School Qualified Maths or English Teachers for our Yr 7-12 Students.

Individual Lessons & Micro Groups

We offer both Individual Lessons and Micro Groups (max 3 students) allowing us to focus on the specific needs of each child.

Real-Time Curriculum Progress

Lessons are planned using the Australian curriculum set by NESA and our portal allows our teachers’ to benchmark each student so we can instantaneously share this information with our parents.

Free DIagnostic Assessments

New students are welcome to complete a free diagnostic assessment to help us better understand their needs. The assessment is held in one of our centres and is accompanied by a detailed report emailed to you by our Curriculum Co-Ordinator. The report then assists our teachers to tailor the learning experience of each student and benchmark their achievements against our internal curriculum tracker.

Let’s See how we can help

We are available to discuss any questions you have Monday to Friday between 10am – 8pm.

Call us on 8339 4775.

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